Top 10 crockpot Dog food

Some people tend to ask, “Why do you make food at home, when you can just buy it outside?”

The main reason for this, is simply –CONTROL. You, as the pet owner, have the full control over each of the ingredients with no surprises at all. Dogs that have intolerance, sensitivities, or allergies may live a happy life and you may live free from any worries. This is the reason why making food at home is essential.

The second reason is saving money, when it comes to a healthy dog food, the top brands are a bit expensive. However, you can just use the same ingredients at home. You can save a lot –that’s for sure!

Unquestionably, the next big concern is the time investment. However, astonishingly, this is not as bad as it looks like. Further, with just one hour or less every week, you may be able to make enough food that will last for days.

In this content, we will include 10 crockpot dog food recipes that your dog will surely love. But before you get to try these out, check your veterinarian first to see what your dog must and must not eat –remember, each dogs vary in diet.

10 Crockpot Dog Food Recipes

Here are the ten best crockpot dog food recipes that you can try!

1. Homemade Dog Food

This is a really great recipe using only some cooked rice and a Dutch oven for the whole lot else. In this recipe, you will use the usual healthy ingredients, just like peas, zucchini, spinach, and carrots. Check this video tutorial to learn more how to do a sample of it.

2. Beef Stew for Dogs

You read the title, 10 crockpot dog food recipes. But, what if you don’t have any crockpot? Well, no problem! You can just make a potato beef stew using whatever pot you have around your kitchen. Your dog will certainly appreciate the effort, as it will all be the same.

You can watch this sample video on making beef stew and get to learn how to make this delicious treats for your dog.

3. Slow Cooker Dog Food

This slow cooker kind of dog food needs frozen vegetables. This just means that you can save some extra time. Moreover, here, you can throw in some extras like carrots and sweet potatoes. Of course, you may always be creative in making it –add some additional vegetables, yet make sure that you know what is and what is not safe for your dog.

Check this sample slow cooker dog food recipe in YouTube and learn how to cook it!

4. A Beef Meatloaf

You read it right, this recipe is a beef meatloaf. It may be weird to read and hear, but I tell you, this one is a great treats for your dog! This is exactly how it sounds like. You will just need to make a meatloaf made out of vegetables, eggs, and of course, beef. Your dog will surely love and will go crazy over it.

Here’s a sample recipe video on how to make a simple beef meatloaf.

5. Turkey & Vegetables Dog Food

This particular recipe is a blend of nutritious vegetables, organs, and of course, turkey. This is guaranteed clean and healthy for your dog. It is made with lean ground turkey and nutritious veggies, which will surely boost your dog’s overall wellness and health.

Check this sample recipe on YouTube and learn how to make this awesomely delicious dog treats!

6. Crockpot Chicken

In this recipe, you can just use simple ingredients like carrots, sweet potato, green beans, rice, and chicken. All of these are good stuff, which may keep your dog happy and fueled. What’s the best part in this recipe is that it comes with a sample tutorial video, which you can easily follow.

7. Beef and Rice Crockpot Dog Food

This recipe, your dog will surely love it. This crockpot dog food recipe will be a great treat for your dog, as it has ground beef, brown rice, squash, carrots, green peas, and kidney beans. Aside  from that, this is so cheap to cook as well –but a healthy one. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about it too much being costly.

Furthermore, to make it more easier for you to try this recipe out, watch this video tutorial.

8. Homemade Beef and Kidney Beans Crockpot Dog Food

This is a deliciously satiating and satisfying treat for your dog. In this crockpot dog food recipe, the main stars are kidney beans and beef. However, just like with any other homemade dog foods, you can substitute various protein sources in case your dog does not like ground beef. Further, you may also substitute some other veggies, which are healthy for dogs if you have them on your kitchen.

To know how to make this, watch this YouTube video.

9. Hypoallergenic Dog Food

The hypoallergenic dog foods are actually ideal for various dogs. Not only those who are suffering with allergies, it is also ideal for those who have sensitive stomachs, as well as those who have health concerns, which need limited ingredients in their foods.

In this recipe, it avoids using some of the most common ingredients that are known to cause allergies. To know this and more about this recipe, watch this video tutorial.

10. Vet-Approved Dog Food

This recipe is veterinarian-approved, which is so popular among vets to recommend for pet owners who start cooking for their own dogs. Nevertheless, before you search for vet-approved dog food recipes, you need to make sure that you know exactly what are the specific nutritional needs of your dog. The best thing that you can do is to pay a visit to your vet first, before doing any recipes, even though they are approved by vets.

The full recipe of the vet-approved dog food recipe, you can watch in this video.


Just one last reminder, as what I already said earlier, the best thing to do before trying any new dog food recipes for your dog –check your vet first. Although all the recipes in the aforementioned recipes are suitable for dogs, there may always be a chance of something may not agree with a stomach that’s sensitive.